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great help from the NH Seacoast beer community

great help from the NH Seacoast beer community

Having recently emptied both kegs in the kegerator (and after not brewing for several months over this past seemingly endless winter) I got determined and made time to brew an American IPA and a few weeks later, a British ESB. For the IPA, I went with a basic grain bill (2-row, carpils and C40) and […]

Is Brita filtering my well water worth it for brewing?

I’ve filtered my brewing water since I started. Not sure why… but always assumed it was better than not. And no, I haven’t had my well water tested (other than when we first bought the house 10+ yrs ago). That test wasn’t the homebrewing water test of course. The only issue I’ve had with our […]

Rye IPA take 2

Rebrewed my rye IPA recipe with a couple tweaks. It’s in the primary now and will head to secondary and dry hopping once the active ferment slows. It was originally an attempt to clone Founders’ “Red’s RyePA” which I first brewed early in 2012. It won me a 2nd place in Specialty category and moved […]