First brew in about 9 months?

So, my last blog post here was last April when I was preparing to brew a Saison. I had replaced my glass carboy with a wide-mouth PET carboy I got up in Portsmouth at A&G Homebrew. I recall that one came out ok. Nothing complicated, and used Belle Saison dry yeast. Came out fine. Great. […]

Ok, ok… I’ll brew something NOT hoppy

After yet another failed attempt to discover what is causing all my hoppy beers to finish with no hop flavor and aroma (after a couple years of brewing very hoppy beers) I picked up ingredients to¬†brew a rye saison and a Bavarian hefeweizen. Going with the French saison yeast this time after battling a stalled […]

Water test results (long play edition)

So, after spending some time online reading Palmer’s How to Brew water section¬†and discussing the topic on homebrewtalk.com, I know more, but the waters are just as muddied. If I could rely on my well water not fluctuating much, it appears my issues are mostly aligned with the high alkalinity (144 ppm) shown in my […]

Ward Labs water report in

After getting my water report in this week, I’m going back to school (figuratively) and learning the tip of the brewing water chemistry iceberg. Short version: high alkalinity. Long version to come soon

This winter started so well

This winter started so well

The winter started pretty mild. Only a couple of minor snow storms and it was already mid-January. Then, over the past two weeks, we’ve had about 4 FEET fall. Had a 30+ inch blizzard to start it off, followed almost ever few days following with smaller storms. And now looking at a potential foot out […]

Single-hop APA brewday

I just kegged my latest brew, a single-hop American Pale Ale based on Russian River’s “Row 2 Hill 56” which was brewed using all Simcoe hops (the Row and Hill numbers signifying the location in the experimental hop hard in Yakima, WA where it originated. I got the idea to use their recipe from Lewy’s […]

hoppy wheat brew: late blog

Realized now that I’ve been negligent as of late. I just recently kicked my two corny kegs… 1 had Altbier and 1 had a hoppy wheat based on Michael Tonsmeire’s “Fortunate Islands” recipe. I dialed back the late hop additions as his were seemingly over the top even by today’s hoppy standards. I used a […]

Follow up on the Mosaic IPA

Batch #2 of the Mosiac IPA came off much more according to plan than batch #1 (which missed it’s OG and came in at 6% rather than the intended 7%, but was delicious). Hit my gravities this time around. Only negative was the boil-over (my first, so I guess I can’t complain) right after adding […]

new gear?

So I recently purchased a Barley Crusher grain mill which will allow me to buy base grain in bulk (big savings) and control how fine my crush will be. The local homebrew store’s mill has been way off lately, and it seems like it’s always been worked on or modified again every time I go […]

A look back

In “meeting” lots of nice, informative homebrewers online lately, often via twitter, I’ve found it hard to describe my homebrew experience in 120 characters. So I thought I’d look back at the couple of years I’ve been doing this and try to write up a bit of an overview so people can see where I’m […]