Home brewing

Well, it’s been over a year…

I’m realizing that my last post was November of 2015. I see it was about the oatmeal stout I brewed. I do recall it being quite tasty. I had it on tap in the late winter. I recall it being served at an end-of-season team party (my daughter’s 6th grade basketball team… but no fear, only […]

Water update, and Shakespeare Stout

After getting my well water tested by Ward Labs, I tried brewing my same IPA a couple times, once using spring water and once using my water but adding gypsum, and noticed very little difference in the hop aroma department. It’s still lost. The one with gypsum added I did notice more hop bite and a […]

great help from the NH Seacoast beer community

great help from the NH Seacoast beer community

Having recently emptied both kegs in the kegerator (and after not brewing for several months over this past seemingly endless winter) I got determined and made time to brew an American IPA and a few weeks later, a British ESB. For the IPA, I went with a basic grain bill (2-row, carpils and C40) and […]

Is Brita filtering my well water worth it for brewing?

I’ve filtered my brewing water since I started. Not sure why… but always assumed it was better than not. And no, I haven’t had my well water tested (other than when we first bought the house 10+ yrs ago). That test wasn’t the homebrewing water test of course. The only issue I’ve had with our […]

Altbier batch #2

I first brewed Jamil Z’s Cowboy Alt from his Brewing Classic Styles book in early 2012. I entered it as a German Alt in a local comp and scored a 38 and second place in the category. Having never had true German altbier, I simply compared what I tasted versus the descriptions (North German Alt […]

Mosaic IPA rebrew

Last weekend I managed to finally squeeze in a brew day… the first one in two months. I decided to rebrew my last IPA attempt, seeing that I got a very positive response from others, and I personally was pretty happy with it as well. One thing that I needed to improve upon was hitting […]

Saison coming around nicely

Now that the rye Saison has been in the keg for a couple weeks, it’s really hit its stride. Definitely not a beer for everyone, stylistically. And compared to commercial saisons out there, I’d say this is a bit off the path, but I really enjoy it. The rye definitely provides a little spiciness, something […]

Saison, 5 weeks in the fermenter

Saison Update after 5 weeks. Despite pitching the French Saison 3711 in the 2nd week after the Belgian strain krausened and crashed, this ferment was very slow. I lowered the carboy temp for the French yeast, which works better at lower 70s vs the Belgian which likes high temps. After realizing the French yeast wasn’t […]

Belgian slowly fermenting…

So, the belgian saison brewday went well. 1 concern was my thermometer as my lab thermometer proved faulty last brew. I used my turkey fryer thermometer, and adjusted it as it seemed to be reading the ambient temp high by about 5°. Could have been handled too casually now looking back. Aimed for 149° mash […]

Belgian Saison attempt #2 coming up

I attempted my first Belgian brew in the summer of 2012. I discussed recipe and process with several professional brewers (Notch, Backlash, and Pretty Things) I aimed as a similar, but not exact by any means, grain bill used in Pretty Things 2012 “Field Mouse’s Farewell” Farmhouse ale. The only thing I changed which I […]