Commerical beer

Had a good beer weekend.

My weekend started with an unplanned trip to the Amesbury Ale House for a late dinner with my wife and younger (6) daughter. Thankfully I one time this year took my 6 year old out top dinner there, just the two of us. She (1) liked that it was jsut she and I, and (2) […]

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

While in PA visiting my brother-in-law, I hit a beer store to load up for our visit. 30-pack of Labatts Blue Light cans, case of Yuengling lager cans, and then I figured, let’s look for a nice craft beer from a brewery that doesn’t distribute to MA, where I live. There were lots of choices, […]

Maine Beer “Lunch” IPA

Not often I take the time to review a beer on Beer Advocate, but with all it’s hype, and the differences I found in my tasting compared to some of the reviews there, made me write one. So below is my BA review, followed by a few more thoughts: BA review: Bottled on 6/4, I […]

I had planned several beer reviews…

I had planned several beer reviews… and then the bombings at the Boston Marathon threw me into a funk. But I want to get this all down before it’s too far removed. So, the weekend seemed to have some promise. Friday night I picked up a bomber of Green Flash “Hop Head Red”, a bomber […]

Notch “Left of the Dial IPA”

I have been looking forward to this low ABV take on the IPA style since I heard Chris Lohring at Notch Session Beer hinted at it’s newest limited release beer. I’m doing all I can to avoid the terminology that drives Chris nuts, like “session IPA”. You can read his take on this new offering […]

Dogfish Head 75-Minute IPA

“Bottle conditioned with maple syrup” the label states. This statement actually made me hesitate previously. If anything, I do tend to find some of DogFish Head’s brews a bit too sweet, and just seeing “maple syrup”on the label made me cringe a bit. I’ve never been one to buy that “best IPA in America” tag-line […]

Battle Road 1775 Tavern Ale

Been looking forward to trying this pale ale from yet another new Massachusetts brewery, Battle Road Brewing Co, since I started seeing blog, Twitter, and Facebook posts about it. I wasn’t sure I’d find anything up my way as sometimes the newer breweries focus on the metro Boston area initially. I was happily surprised to […]

Skiing and beer

This past Thursday, 3/21, my wife made some calls and found us a ridiculous deal up in Laconia, NH for 2 nights stay. A 2 bedroom condo near Weirs Beach with a nice indoor pool set up for the kids and only 10-15 minutes from Gunstock Mountain. We pulled our stuff out of storage in […]

Founders All Day IPA

Picked up a six of Founders All Day IPA last week. This is billed as a “session” IPA, coming in at only 4.7% ABV, which is low alcohol for a modern American pale ale, never mind an IPA. Typical American IPAs these days are at least 6.5%. Many are 7%. So under 5% is a […]

Cambridge Brewing Co’s “Sgt Pepper” UPDATED

UPDATE Just wrote a long update and lost it when trying to repost. Will try to recapture my brilliance… or something like that. After my initial negative reaction to this brew (see below) I finished the bomber one night later with a much different response. The second night, I had already eaten, and had a […]