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First brew in about 9 months?

So, my last blog post here was last April when I was preparing to brew a Saison. I had replaced my glass carboy with a wide-mouth PET carboy I got up in Portsmouth at A&G Homebrew. I recall that one came out ok. Nothing complicated, and used Belle Saison dry yeast. Came out fine. Great.

But that’s not a test to see if I can finally get my hops to show up again. Past posts here can explain the fact that for a couple years I’ve had terrible results with what should have been very hoppy beers. I initially was able to produce nice hop forward APAs and IPAs. I’ve tried just about everything (brewing with my well water as I normally do, brewing with Spring water and gypsum, had Ward labs water test done. Swapped out hoses, auto-siphon, etc. No luck. Then I took the cooler tun and mashing out of the process completely by brewing with an extract IPA kit. All gave me the same tasting beer… and absolutely no hop flavor or aroma. I normally keg, but I even split one IPA batch into bottles and keg and they all tasted the same (no hops). So last year I replaced the glass carboy with the PET one, as it seemed to be the only piece of equipment I hadn’t replaced. I’ve only used it once and for the Saison. So this will be yet another test to see if I can solve my hop loss issue.

Got 10 lb of 2-row, some rye, carapils, and a little crystal malt. Going pretty basic. Got a good amount of Mosaic hops, vacuum sealed in the freezer. Going to use about 4 oz of mosaic and maybe a little citra and cascade. Not really expecting it to be any better than all the other attempts to fix this issue… but willing to give it another shot.

I’ll update this post with a brew-day wrap up and then eventually the results.

One comment on “First brew in about 9 months?

  1. Hit mash temp shockingly. Been a while, and in the winter, you just never know. (Brewing outside). Used 4 oz each of British C70-80, C20, and C120. Plus 1 lb each of Carapils and Rye. 10 lb of 12-row. Just waiting for the boil to start. Freshest hops in the freezer were 2 unopened 4 oz packs of Mosaic so using most of that, even for littering. May toss in a little Cascade and Citra in the late boil or dry hop stage just because I have it. And if the new carboy doesn’t prove to help the hop loss issue, I don’t know what to do other than just give up on hoppy beers.

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