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Well, it’s been over a year…

I’m realizing that my last post was November of 2015. I see it was about the oatmeal stout I brewed. I do recall it being quite tasty. I had it on tap in the late winter. I recall it being served at an end-of-season team party (my daughter’s 6th grade basketball team… but no fear, only poured it for the parents) and it went over quite well. I believe I brewed once more after that, trying to brew the same IPA recipe I’ve been doing for ages in an attempt to discover why all my hop flavor and aroma is disappearing in my APA and IPA style beers. That last attempt I used some phosphoric acid in an attempt to offset some high alkalinity I have when brewing light colored beers with my well water. Unfortunately I got the same result as the 6-8 other attempts since the issue came about (it wasn’t always a problem).

Today I jumped back in time and brewed from an extract kit. That’s right. Haven’t brewed extract in over 4 years. But, by doing this, I am eliminating a large portion of the process. If the issue is resolved, I can look more closely into my all-grain process and equipment. I’m grasping at straws, having done water tests, tried brewing salts with my well water, tried brewing with only spring water, and so on. All getting the same exact results.

If this doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to try next. I replaced my auto-siphon and tubing. I washed my carboy well. I don’t think there’s any chance of infection (and as the pro brewer who tasted my problem beer previously said, it didn’t taste off in such a way that suggested infection or poor ferment temp control, etc. It just tasted like 2-row, despite the amount of hops I was dumping in there.

Yes, I tried ingredients from different sources too.

So, the kit was a Citra Session APA. Only intended to be about 4.6%. I tweaked it a bit, used a little added DME (in addition to the LME the kit came with) and played with the volumes. OG came in around 1.055. I just pitched the S05 dry yeast and will have to wait and see.

Can’t believe it’s been a year since I brewed last, but the repeated poor results with my hoppy beers has me far from enthused. Hopefully this one sheds a little light on the issue.

One comment on “Well, it’s been over a year…

  1. No surprise, after caring up the extract Citra brew the first sample I tasted was just like all the recent hoppy attempts… no hop flavor or aroma. The only difference was the god-awful tang flavor I recall from my first brew attempts using extract many years ago.

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