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Water update, and Shakespeare Stout

After getting my well water tested by Ward Labs, I tried brewing my same IPA a couple times, once using spring water and once using my water but adding gypsum, and noticed very little difference in the hop aroma department. It’s still lost. The one with gypsum added I did notice more hop bite and a bit more flavor, but the aroma is still lost considering the amount of late and dry hops used.

It’s been a few months since I last brewed, so I decided to do a dark beer today. My first stout, which seems odd considering I’ve been homebrewing for about 5 years. My brews of Tasty McDole’s “Janet’s Brown,” a big hoppy American Brown, have been plenty hoppy. And my porter has been quite good the last couple times. With the high alkalinity of my well water, darker malts work better. I used the Bru’n Water spreadsheet, with all my water test results entered, and found the stout recipe I am using should bring the pH down into the preferred range. Fingers crossed.

I did load up on malt to brew a light hoppy beer again next, though. I also picked up some 85% food grade phosphoric acid which I intend to use in my water for the next IPA brew. This should lower the alkalinity of my well water. Worth a shot! I have a lot of Mosaic hops in the freezer that I need to use up, but may also mix in some Warrior (bittering) and a little Citra and Chinook as well.

Once the oatmeal stout is tapped I’ll check in here to report on the results. I basically picked up a recipe the Brewing Network “Can You Brew It?” show used attempting to clone Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout.

10lb 2-row
1.5 lb each of Crystal120 and Chocolate malts
4 oz of Roasted Black Barley
18 oz can of Quaker instant oats

Mashed at 153°

Hopefully it doesn’t require TOO much time conditioning, but I do wish I brewed this  month or two ago to allow it time and still have it for the winter months. I spotted Wyeast’s Pacman yeast being available which is what lead me to trying this recipe.

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