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Single-hop APA brewday

I just kegged my latest brew, a single-hop American Pale Ale based on Russian River’s “Row 2 Hill 56” which was brewed using all Simcoe hops (the Row and Hill numbers signifying the location in the experimental hop hard in Yakima, WA where it originated. I got the idea to use their recipe from Lewy’s series of single-hop brews, recipes and results found on his blog.

I opted to go with all-Columbus hops. Granted, I DID use a different hop for bittering, as bittering hops tend not to offer up any noticeable flavor and aroma, and I hate to waste good aroma hops for that stage. Instead I used reliable, clean, high alpha acid Magnum at 60 minutes, with Columbus at 25 min, flame out, and dryhop. My OG came in a bit high at 1.058 after the 90 minute boil. (90 minutes due to the almost 60% of Pils base malt. Pils tends to need a longer boil to avoid DMS production and it’s associated off-flavors). So rather than the 5.8% of the Russian River beer, mine is around 6.4%, finishing dry at 1.010 FG.

The FG sample wasn’t overly hoppy, but I won’t know until it’s carb’d up and I can pour a glass from the tap.

I am thinking about trying to remove the 20 minute flavor hop additions, and try “whirlpool additions“. From what I understand, after the boil, I can chill to about 180° and then add flavor hops, allowing to sit for about 20 minutes to get better hop utilization and more hop flavor. I need to do more research on this first though.

I will update this once the Columbus APA is tapped.

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