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hoppy wheat brew: late blog

Realized now that I’ve been negligent as of late. I just recently kicked my two corny kegs… 1 had Altbier and 1 had a hoppy wheat based on Michael Tonsmeire’s “Fortunate Islands” recipe. I dialed back the late hop additions as his were seemingly over the top even by today’s hoppy standards. I used a 2-to-1 ratio of Citra- to-Amarillo hops in late additions (15 min left in boil, 5 min left, and a good sized dryhopping).

It was my first time using this much wheat (47%) in an all-grain process, so out of fear of a stuck mash, I opted to use a 1/2 lb of rice hulls, which I soaked in 160° water, drained, and rinsed again, before mixing in with the milled grain in my cooler/mash tun. Whether I would have had a stuck mash or not, I felt better on the safe side with the hulls. Mashed at 154° and had no issues collecting my wort. OG of 1.053

After 6 days at 65°, the gravity was down to 1.015 (using S05 dry Cal ale yeast). Added dry hops straight into the primary carboy at 7 days and turned this beer around from grains to tap in 3 weeks. I don’t have a final gravity in my notes, but I do know it was fairly dry to the gravity must have dropped a few more points in the second week. Some took it to be an IPA, despite it’s ABV (around 5.3-5.5%), the hop-forward flavor and aroma likely the reason. It was also around 45 IBUs according to calculations, so a bit more bitter than a typical wheat beer. To me, it came across more like an APA, but less caramel. Very easy drinker in the summer heat, but still had enough hop flavor to make it interesting. It also didn’t come across like a watery “session IPA” thankfully. Definitely will try this one again next summer. Love the citra!

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