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Follow up on the Mosaic IPA

Batch #2 of the Mosiac IPA came off much more according to plan than batch #1 (which missed it’s OG and came in at 6% rather than the intended 7%, but was delicious). Hit my gravities this time around. Only negative was the boil-over (my first, so I guess I can’t complain) right after adding my 60-miunte bittering hop addition (1 oz of NBrewer). I assumed I lost some of those hops with the boil-over, so I tossed in a little more after I got it under control.

I gave this 10-14 days in the primary (I honestly forget now) and then 1 week in the 5 gallon better bottle secondary on 3 oz of dry hops (1 each Mosaic, Columbus, and Chinook). The beer dried out nicely and I got a final result of 7.3% abv. Kegged it 2 or 3 weeks ago. It’s been drinking nicely. Not nearly as bitter as the previous batch, and not quite the level of hop aroma I was anticipating. The bready malt flavor is there though. I recall the same flavor being in bath 1 as well. The grain bill was a bit different this time in that I used 1 pound each of vienna, munich, and carapils in addition to the base 2-row. In the 1st batch it was 0.5 lb vienna, 1.25 C-10, and 1 lb carapils.

The lack of crystal malt definitely differentiates it from many IPAs out there. Even with the C-10 in the 1st batch, there wasn’t much caramel malt flavor. That was the first time I’d used C-10. I’m assuming it offers some non-fermentable sugars, but not the caramel flavor found in the darker crystal malts.

I do wish it was more bitter. The previous, 6% abv batch had that bitterness you can feel on your teeth. It lingered on the back of the tongue. This is more balanced (not a bad thing) given the higher alcohol. Next time I’d up the bitterness if shooting for this ABV range.


Quick EDIT: the mosaic still dominates, despite being only about 1/3 of the late hop additions. I used Columbus and Chinook to try to get more pine and dank hop notes, but the Mosaic seems to mask them a bit. Granted, the Mosaic fruitiness is mellowed a bit, I think by the use of the other 2 hop varieties. THe first time I used Mosaic, it dominated like a single-hop beer. Super fruity.


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