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Saison coming around nicely

Now that the rye Saison has been in the keg for a couple weeks, it’s really hit its stride. Definitely not a beer for everyone, stylistically. And compared to commercial saisons out there, I’d say this is a bit off the path, but I really enjoy it. The rye definitely provides a little spiciness, something I don’t taste in something like Notch’s Saison. This is definitely more in line with Backlash’s War, their once-brewed rye farmhouse ale. Makes sense in that I chatted a bit with Backlash’s Helder Pimentel while developing the recipe. You can see the details of the recipe and brewing process in previous blog entries. I’d say the only thing I would have liked see happen was for it to have dried out more. It did get down to a final gravity of 1.010, which is pretty dry for most ales. But for a Belgian like this, even dryer is possible. I fought a fermentation battle for 5 weeks, and when it seemed to level off at 1.010, I was more than ready to call it done.

Hopefully I can share some samples with some folks who know Saisons, as I would really appreciate some feedback on this one. As the brewer, it’s sometimes hard to be objective. I can make a beer “better” in my mind if I think hard enough.


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