Belgian slowly fermenting…

So, the belgian saison brewday went well. 1 concern was my thermometer as my lab thermometer proved faulty last brew. I used my turkey fryer thermometer, and adjusted it as it seemed to be reading the ambient temp high by about 5°. Could have been handled too casually now looking back.

Aimed for 149° mash temp. Base of Belgian Pils malt so I mashed for 90, then boiled for 90 as well, to avoid the DMS precursors. Used 2# rye, 1 # each of dark munich and white wheat, and .5# of flaked oats.

Pitched starter of Wyeast 3724, knowing it could stall. Heavy activity after 12 hrs, lots of krausen for a few days then it all sunk and airlock activity slowed quite a bit. After 1 week, I pitched an smack pack of Wyeast French Saison yeast (3711) which is known to eat through anything and help beers finish quite dry. I figured the first week had given me all the yeast-driven flavors I was going to get from the 3724. The gravity at that point (I’m pulling from memory, as I didn’t seem to write it anywhere at the time) was around 1.048. After a couple days at 74° with the 3711, the top of the beer foamed a bit, and the airlock picked up speed again. Nothing like the initial few days in the fermenter, but a noticeable change.

After 6 days with the 3711 (2 weeks total in carboy) the gravity is 1.036. Airlock bubbling every 13 sec or so. Was hoping it would be much lower after a week with the 3711. Increasing temp to 77 and hoping time heals all… again.


3 comments on “Belgian slowly fermenting…

  1. Bugs! I say bring on the brett.

  2. The airlock is still bubbling though. Everyone says the 3724 will finish, it just takes time and temp. You think brett would work, and while it’s still up at 1.036? Never used Brett before.

  3. during week 3 I’ve swirled the carboy twice when the airlock slowed a bit. Both times it seems to have lead to more activity for a few days. Ramped the carboy back up to 80° too. I think this is just going to take time, which I would not be surprised by if I hadn’t added the French saison yeast after 1 week, as that strain is said to eat through sugars like crazy. Ah well. hopefully it dries out in the end. A bit hesitant to toss in brett, partly because I’ve never used it before, and partly out of fear of introducing brett into my system (although that could be completely unfounded.)

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