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Rye batch #5 follow-up

So, the Rye Pale Ale (not ipa given the 5.3% final ABV) actually dropped about 3 points in the secondary while dry hopping. Finished at 1.014. Any off-flavors I may have noticed in gravity samples have disappeared. Have had it kegged for over a week now, and it’s a fine beer. Not great. Not what it has been in previous brews. But… it’s enjoyable. Amarillo is offering up all it’s glory. Rye is noticeable, but still subtle enough. Not as complex in the malt flavors as in the past, which I assume is due in part to the mash temp disaster, as well as it not hitting the intended original gravity.

The kegerator now has it’s second tap, so the porter and rye are pouring side-by-side. This lead me to try something I really never considered until someone on twitter suggested that a major benefit of multiple taps is the ability to blend beers. I poured a little porter and roughly the same amount of rye pale ale, and found a completely new beer. I think I’ll try it again, but with more of the pale than the porter.

Love having the kegerator. Can easily have a short pour when I don’t want a full beer. Can pour a big-ass Hefeweizen glass full too.

So, I survived the rye pale mash disaster, didn’t have to dump it. It paid to take it through the hole process. After the initial mash temp getting into the 170°s, rushing to cool it by adding ice, etc, I considered saving my hops and my time and not bothering to even boil it. But I had already spent the time crushing grain and mashing it, I figured I should try, if for nothing else than to see the effects of the mash temp issue. Again, not ideal, but definitely a decent APA that I won’t mind drinking.


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