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Homebrewing: next steps?

Hoping that this blog entry might generate some responses here. I recently moved to kegging after 2 years of bottling. Also now considering another “investments”: a grain mill. This has me curious as to what upgrades other homebrewers have done and in what order. I recall a Brewing Network show that focused on what they […]

Had a good beer weekend.

My weekend started with an unplanned trip to the Amesbury Ale House for a late dinner with my wife and younger (6) daughter. Thankfully I one time this year took my 6 year old out top dinner there, just the two of us. She (1) liked that it was jsut she and I, and (2) […]

Citra pale brewday

Summer time definitely wreaks havoc with homebrew schedules. The kids being out of school, the in-laws up from FL, the high temps… havoc. But, I have at least managed to get a couple brews done in the past month or so. In my previous entry, I discussed what was my 4th bath of my rye […]