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Kegerator shelving


The second fridge in our basement (1990 GE that came out of my folks’ house) has been serving as the beer fridge. Top freezer is nice to store hops in addition to non-beer stuff. 😉 Trying to keep some of the fridge available for food and other non-beer related items (helps keep everyone in the house happy).

The bottom back wall of the fridge bumps into the space, so in order to get the full depth, I needed to build a shelf. The bottom drawers that came in the fridge had a shelf they slid into, but it was all plastic and too weak to hold kegs. Now, I can fit a second corney keg in on the left side with the one that’s in there now.

Ideally I would like to keep the CO2 tank outside the fridge to make more room (and to have a more reliable reading on the regulator). This would require drilling a hold in the side of the fridge, which I need to be very careful doing to be sure I don’t damage anything.

I cleaned and sanitized the corney keg. Cleaned with OxyCleanFree, sanitied with Star San. Used the gas to push the Star San solution out through the beer out line, then racked the Mosaic IPA into the keg, sealed it up, and have it on the gas now carb’ing up.


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