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Mosaic IPA gravity sample taste test

It’s been 16 days fermenting (last week of it in the secondary with 2 oz of Mosaic and 1 oz of Chinook dryhops) and I finally took a gravity sample today. Down to 1.011. Beautiful! Took a whiff of the sample and HOLY COW! Big hop aroma, definitely unlike any of my previous brews. Actually I got a complexity that reminded me of Lagunitas’ Lil Sumpin Sumpin. Lots of fruit but also some solid pine. I cannot wait to get his carb’d up and pouring!

Happy with the low FG too. I was lower than I aimed for with my original gravity due to miscalculating my boil off now that the warmer weather is here. But the dry finish has this beer at 6.7% ABV. Was hoping for 7%, so not too far off.

As discussed in my previous post, I’ve cleaned a new (to me) corney keg and mounted the shank and faucet through the beer fridge’s door. I’m contemplating cold crashing this in the secondary (placing the hole carboy in the beer fridge) so I can get it as clear as possible before racking it to the keg. There’s a lot of hops in this one, and I’d rather keep as much of the solid matter in the carboy as I can.

Anxious to taste this one!


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