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Kegs… continued

faucet mounted to my beer fridge

faucet mounted to my beer fridge

I’ve spent some time watching videos like this one by Joe Fisher which have proven to be extremely helpful:

Homebrew Cornelius keg disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, quick-connect anatomy

I’ve dismantled one of the two corney kegs I purchased. Only thing I wasn’t able to do was get the o-rings of the poppets in the two posts. But, overall, I felt like I had enough info to take things apart and soak. Although, theses were clearly cleaned out well before being sold. Given than they were part of a large batch of corney kegs at my lhbs, I’m assuming they were previously used for soda distribution, but who knows?

I also hooked up the regulator to my new CO2 tank, found no leaks, and hit the reassembled corney keg with some gas to make sure all the seals were tight. All’s good.

Next up… I’m going to cold crash my Mosaic IPA this week. When ready, I’ll fill the keg with some santizer solution, splash it around, then use the gas to push the solution out the dip tube and beer “out” to sanitize everything, then rack beer into my keg, close it up, and hit it with the gas to carb it up.


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