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Maine Beer “Lunch” IPA

Not often I take the time to review a beer on Beer Advocate, but with all it’s hype, and the differences I found in my tasting compared to some of the reviews there, made me write one. So below is my BA review, followed by a few more thoughts: BA review: Bottled on 6/4, I […]

A look back

In “meeting” lots of nice, informative homebrewers online lately, often via twitter, I’ve found it hard to describe my homebrew experience in 120 characters. So I thought I’d look back at the couple of years I’ve been doing this and try to write up a bit of an overview so people can see where I’m […]

Let’s build on last year’s Saison attempt

Below is the exported recipe and notes from my Beglian Saison attempt, summer 2012. I am posting this in order to ask some folks for their input, as I definitely didn’t get the Saison I had hoped for. It tasted more like a big Belgian blonde. I had gone wiht the Ardennes strain of yeast […]

Kegerator shelving

The second fridge in our basement (1990 GE that came out of my folks’ house) has been serving as the beer fridge. Top freezer is nice to store hops in addition to non-beer stuff. 😉 Trying to keep some of the fridge available for food and other non-beer related items (helps keep everyone in the […]

Mosaic IPA gravity sample taste test

It’s been 16 days fermenting (last week of it in the secondary with 2 oz of Mosaic and 1 oz of Chinook dryhops) and I finally took a gravity sample today. Down to 1.011. Beautiful! Took a whiff of the sample and HOLY COW! Big hop aroma, definitely unlike any of my previous brews. Actually […]

Kegs… continued

I’ve spent some time watching videos like this one by Joe Fisher which have proven to be extremely helpful: Homebrew Cornelius keg disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, quick-connect anatomy I’ve dismantled one of the two corney kegs I purchased. Only thing I wasn’t able to do was get the o-rings of the poppets in the two posts. […]