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Mosaic IPA dryhopping

2oz of Mosaic, 1oz of Chinook

2oz of Mosaic, 1oz of Chinook

After one week in the primary, airlock activity had died down quite a bit and the yeast was settling out. I wasn’t too eager to deal with it at the end of the long Memorial Day weekend, but had to take advantage of the peace and quiet while my wife and kids were still out. So, I cleaned and sanitized my 5 gallon Better Bottle and auto siphon, measured out the hop pellets, and got to transferring.

I stayed with the same ratio of Mosaic to Chinook hops I had used in the boil (2-to-1) for dryhops and went pretty big (compared to past brews) with a total of 3 ounces. Coming up a little shy of the 5 gallons, and this amount of dry hops will make me loose even more, but that’s the price of using a lot of flavor and aroma hops.

mosaic_secondaryKnowing my yield on this was going to be a bit low I skipped taking a gravity reading. I’ll be taking a couple as things finish up anyways. So for the next week I’ve got the Better Bottle sitting in the basement, with the heat tape still on it to keep it in the upper 60s (the basement can still get into the lower 60s at this time of year) to make sure it finishes up.

Best news is what I’m doing with this beer once it’s “done”.


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