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Mosaic IPA brewday

MosaicIPAbrewI had ordered the Mosaic hops quite a while ago and had 8 oz sitting in the freezer, waiting to be used. So I drew up a West Coast style IPA recipe and have been just waiting for the opportunity to brew. Hit Border Brew Supply in Salem, NH Saturday afternoon for my grain. 15 lb total for this one. Was aiming for 7% ABV with mostly 2-row, some carapils, C10, and CaraVienne. Made the mistake of replacing the CaraVienne with C40, when it’s closer to C20, but oh well. It was only a 0.5 lb anyway.

Some folks recommended using NO Crystal malts, but I stuck with a grain bill that is said to be from the original homebrew recipe that lead to Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA.

As always, I had a couple things go not-so-to-plan. First, my preboil gravity turned out to be a few points higher, and them my postboil gravity was a few points low! I believe Border Brews newer grain mill is crushing a bit finer and attributing to a higher efficiency, hence the higher preboil gravity. Then, I never adjusted my boil-off rate to take into account the change in weather. Warmer, more humid air leads to much less evaporation/boil-off. So in the end, I will likely end up around 6.5% and not 7%. Hopefully the bitterness will not be overbearing with the lower ABV.

Bittered with Magnum, the used a 2-1 ratio of Mosaic-to-Chinook for 20 and 5-minute additions. I intend to dryhop in a similar manner.

Much less involved with this brew compared to the German Pilsener. Simple Cal ale yeast requires basic basement conditions. Will likely be able to just let it sit on the floor in my basement until it’s mostly fermented, when I’ll transfer to the smaller secondary carboy for dryhopping.

Then the bigger new will hopefully be that I have converted my basement fridge to a kegerator and this will be the first homebrew I don’t have to bottle!


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