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Making the jump

I finally pulled the trigger on a kegging system. I’ve had the second fridge in the basement for a year now, with the hopes of using it as a kegerator at some point. After bottling homebrew for 2 years, I’m looking forward to the ability to simply rack my beer to one vessel and carb […]

Mosaic IPA dryhopping

After one week in the primary, airlock activity had died down quite a bit and the yeast was settling out. I wasn’t too eager to deal with it at the end of the long Memorial Day weekend, but had to take advantage of the peace and quiet while my wife and kids were still out. […]

Mosaic IPA brewday

I had ordered the Mosaic hops quite a while ago and had 8 oz sitting in the freezer, waiting to be used. So I drew up a West Coast style IPA recipe and have been just waiting for the opportunity to brew. Hit Border Brew Supply in Salem, NH Saturday afternoon for my grain. 15 […]