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The pils lives!

My first lager attempt, a German pilsner, which wreaked of butter when I bottled it, appears to have taken a turn for the better. After two weeks at room temps, carbonating in bottles, I put them in the beer fridge to being the lagering period. I assume 3-4 weeks lagering at around 40°. I couldn’t […]

I had planned several beer reviews…

I had planned several beer reviews… and then the bombings at the Boston Marathon threw me into a funk. But I want to get this all down before it’s too far removed. So, the weekend seemed to have some promise. Friday night I picked up a bomber of Green Flash “Hop Head Red”, a bomber […]

Notch “Left of the Dial IPA”

I have been looking forward to this low ABV take on the IPA style since I heard Chris Lohring at Notch Session Beer hinted at it’s newest limited release beer. I’m doing all I can to avoid the terminology that drives Chris nuts, like “session IPA”. You can read his take on this new offering […]

Dogfish Head 75-Minute IPA

“Bottle conditioned with maple syrup” the label states. This statement actually made me hesitate previously. If anything, I do tend to find some of DogFish Head’s brews a bit too sweet, and just seeing “maple syrup”on the label made me cringe a bit. I’ve never been one to buy that “best IPA in America” tag-line […]

Bottled the German Pils, nervously

After over 3 weeks fermenting, and having held steady at a gravity of 1.012 for over a week, I decided to bottle my pilsner yesterday. It will take a couple weeks at room temps to carbonate, the remaining yeast in suspension being fed fresh priming sugar when racked to the bottling bucket. Then, at least […]