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Build up that starter!

German lager yeast starter  seemed to settle so I placed it in the fridge, dropping the yeast to the bottom. Today I boiled up another liter of wort from some DME, decanted the liquid from the starter flask, and added the new (chilled) wort in hopes of building up more healthy lager yeast. This will give me the equivalent of  a 2.5 liter starter. I may step it up one more time, depending on what my calendar looks like as far as planning a brew day for this German pils.

Contemplating ordering a aeration system from morebeer.com, knowing that every bit helps when it comes to fermenting lagers (at least I’ve read suggests it). This is basically a fish tank air pump with an inline sanitary filter and a stainless steel diffusion stone. About 30 minutes will help introduce oxygen into the chilled wort once transferred into the fermenter. The oxygen contributes to a good healthy environment for yeast production. Ideally, I would diffuse straight Oxygen, but I don’t have the equipment for that type of set up. Aeration simply takes the air around us, filters it, and pumps it through. Takes 30 minutes vs about a minute if doing pure oxygen.

But for now, I’m just focusing on building up the amount of healthy yeast from the Wyeast Bavarian lager smack pack to an acceptable number of cells needed for a good healthy lager ferment. If you ever need to know the proper amount of yeast cells required for your homebrew, check out Mr Malty!


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