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Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager yeast starter finally woke up after 48 hrs in the flask.

Looks like the lager yeast is makin’ a comeback! This could be all “typical” for this yeast, but given that I’ve really only brewed ales and hybrids, not lagers, I’m not used to such a lag time on a yeast started getting going.

The Wyeast smack pack didn’t expand, but I pitched anyway. About a 1400 ml batch of starter wort. took over 48 hours to show any signs of life, but when it did, it was acting just like any other starter I’ve done before. Swirl it and it foams up nicely. After abotu 36 hrs it seems to have chewed through all the sugars and is settling down now, yeast crashing to the bottom. I will toss it in the fridge tonight to chill it in order to decant the “beer” leaving the yeast behind, onto which I’ll add more fresh wort to build up more and more yeast. This is referred to as “stepping up” a yeast starter, building up viable healthy yeast with a certain amount of wort each time. Lagers tend to do better with much larger yeast pitches compared to ales, so I’m going to make sure I get plenty of yeast in this thing before brewing my German Pils.


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