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Best/Premium Bitter coming around

best_bitter_glassThe English Best/Premium Bitter took much more time to completely carb up (ended up giving it 4 weeks in the bottles before chilling the first 12-pk), but it does seem to have come around. Still quite fruity to my tastes, but I believe it’s just the Wyeast 1968 London Ale yeast coming through. Carbonation level is lower (as intended) than my American ales. Pours a nice light amber, with a small head. Would probably up the hop bittering charge a bit were I to brew this again. This beer finished at 4.8% ABV and 32 IBUs (calculated, obviously not measured). My brews tend to miss out a bit on the bittering, as I have often found I need more IBUs in my home brew to meet expectations. Likely something to do with my well water profile. I didn’t add any salts to the boil. I have begun using gypsum in the boil for my APA and IPAs.

So, I am hoping to make use of a couple friends who have a bit more familiarity with the English bitter style to taste test. My only concern is the amount of yeast-derived fruitiness, but it may be on par with the style. I was careful to avoid to high a ferment temp during the first days of heavy activity, and then brought it higher in the second week to help clean it up.


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