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Homebrew updates

Rye IPA Batch #3 of my rye IPA is now in bottles. As noted in previous blog entries, I pretty much kept the same grain bill with the only differences being the amount of malted rye (2lb in #1, 2.5lb in #2, and back to 2lb in #3) and the hops. This batch used clean […]

Cambridge Brewing Co’s “Sgt Pepper” UPDATED

UPDATE Just wrote a long update and lost it when trying to repost. Will try to recapture my brilliance… or something like that. After my initial negative reaction to this brew (see below) I finished the bomber one night later with a much different response. The second night, I had already eaten, and had a […]

Rye IPA Batch #3 in the fermenter

I managed to squeeze in a brewday this weekend despite my daughter’s morning basketball game and an appt in the middle of the afternoon. First time I’ve ever collected all my runnings into my kettle, gone off for an hour, and then returned to get it boiling. But, it seemed to work fine. With all […]

Best/Premium Bitter coming around

The English Best/Premium Bitter took much more time to completely carb up (ended up giving it 4 weeks in the bottles before chilling the first 12-pk), but it does seem to have come around. Still quite fruity to my tastes, but I believe it’s just the Wyeast 1968 London Ale yeast coming through. Carbonation level […]