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Best Bitter slowly carbonating

After 2 weeks in the bottle, I pulled one of my English Best Bitters and chilled it for a day. Popped the top and got no sound. No pop and fizz one normally hears from a carb’d up homebrew bottle. Poured it and tasted. It was like brown water. Nothing good about it. Waited another week, did the same. This time I got the pop and fizz. Yeah! Poured it but still got no head. Drank it and tasted the fruity esters from the English yeast. Hmm. Now continuing to wait and hope.

For one thing, I’ve never brewed with this yeast (Wyeast 1968 London Ale) and it is definitely a different beast compared to other strains. Took off like a shot in the fermenter (I pitched a big, active starter), and after it slowed, the yeast clumped together like cottage cheese. Know to flocculate (solidify and drop from suspension) very well. I was concerned that it dropped so well in the fermenter that I didn’t get enough yeast in the bottles to eat up the priming sugar and carbonate the beer.

However, there is also another issue. Winter in New England. We only set our heat to 67° on our thermostats at the highest. Plus it’s set to drop a few more degrees overnight. I think these temps, as opposed to the slightly warmer temps of Spring and Fall, greatly effect the carbonation time. So I need to wait more… and waiting is the hardest part of homebrewing (to me).


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