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Rye IPA batch #3 planning

My rye IPA has been documented here in my blog plenty. It’s clearly my favorite homebrew result. I made some tweaks in batch #2 (slightly different hop additions, a bit more rye), and now for batch #3, some more hop tweaks. Batch #1 hops Variety    Alpha    Amount    IBU    Form    When German Northern Brewer     10.3 […]

West Coast IPA showdown!

Last week I picked up two examples of big, hop-forward West Coast IPAs: a six of Bear Republic’s Racer 5, and Ballast Point’s Sculpin’. I’ve had Sculpin’ on tap once at the Amesbury Ale House, and can recall really enjoying it (and that it is a bit of a palate wrecker). I had not tried […]

Best Bitter slowly carbonating

After 2 weeks in the bottle, I pulled one of my English Best Bitters and chilled it for a day. Popped the top and got no sound. No pop and fizz one normally hears from a carb’d up homebrew bottle. Poured it and tasted. It was like brown water. Nothing good about it. Waited another […]

Jack’s Abby “Jabby Brau” session lager

(Update 1/25/13, see below) Jabby Brau is the fourth offering from Jack’s Abby in Framingham, MA that I have tried. The first I had tried was the Hoponius Union, which blew me away. A big (6.7%) lager that is hopped like an IPA (65 IBU), with plenty of late hop additions that give a big […]

Is a lager worth the wait?

This time of year, on the MA/NH border, means cold temps (aside from this little heat wave we’re getting right now). My basement is unfinished, and completely open, so it’s always a good deal colder than the 1st and 2nd floors. main floors are around 67°, basement is about 55°. Why is this important? Because […]

Pretty Things 1855 East India Porter

Pulled a real spaceshot move the other night. Swung into Merrimac Liquors Friday evening and spotted a couple new (to me) Pretty Things “Ounce Upon A Time“ (OUAT) beers on the shelf. I saw “1855 East India” on one and my mind read East India Pale Ale, but it was, in fact “East India Porter”. […]

21st Amendment Hop Crisis

For someone who’s been let down more often than not with Imperial and Double IPAs, I’ve tried a few lately. When I saw a 4-pack of Hop Crisis (cans of course) from the 21A that I hadn’t tried yet, I jumped at it. I’ve enjoyed their sessionable Bitter American, as well as  Back in Black […]

Bottled best bitter

Left the English bitter in the primary for 17 days. After 1 week the gravity was 1.017. I was hoping for a couple points lower, but first time using Wyeast 1968 which is notorious for low attenuation. I cranked the ferm wrap up to 70° for several days to clean up the yeast as best […]