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1 week gravity sample of Best Bitter

Took a gravity sample of my English best bitter brew after about 6.5 days in the fermenter. As noted in my post about the brew day, I had a very active starter of Wyeast 1968 London ESB yeast that lead to an active fermentation right off the bat. After 14 hours I had over an […]

A good old reliable beer

While they may take some heat for some of their styles, I have long been a fan of Long Trail Brewing. Their flagship Long Trail Ale was new to me  20 years ago. Back then I didn’t know it was a German altbier, nor did I know what an altbier was. At times I forget […]

Brewed an English session beer

Craft beer, and even more so with homebrewers, the emphasis is too often on “more.” Bigger, bolder, hoppier does NOT always mean better. I’ve fallen into the trap. Once I figured out that it was in fact possible to make my own beer, and make beer with similar if not the same ingredients as many […]

Update on the Squirrels in the Attic brown

I gave in and chilled one and quickly tried it after 2 weeks priming in the bottles. The hop presence was pronounced, and the beer was still a bit “green.” At only 2 weeks in the bottle, none of this was surprising. Another week (1 full week in the fridge post carb’ing up in the […]

Notch Brewing’s Černé Pivo

Finally got to try Notch Brewing’s Černé Pivo this past week as bombers hit the shelves at my local packie, Merrimac Liquors. They didn’t have any cold, so I grabbed a one and then picked up a cold six of Notch Session Ale. This is a Czech style black lager, with a low ABV (keeping […]