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Tasted the rye IPA

After about a week and a half in bottles, I put on in the fridge and popped it open last night. Was worried it wouldn’t be carb’d up yet, as the house temps have tended to be around 67-68 in the day, 64 at night. I prefer 70-72 and it’s been my experience that sometimes […]

ruh roh… could be the 1st infected batch

So, I could be dealing with my first infected batch of homebrew. I’ve told myself a million times it was bound to happen eventually. I’ve been lucky it hasn’t happened already. Yada yada. Last night, I pull the black t-shirt off that’s been covering the 5 gallon plastic carboy containing my dry-hopped rye IPA, about […]

time for JBA?

I spent a good part of my Sunday on the ladder up a couple of stories at roof level, and crawling around my attic on my belly, in hopes of finally getting rid of the squirrels as cold weather approaches. There are two gaps (1 in the front of the house and 1 in the […]