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before I forget… Mayflower Pale Ale

Been straight out with family and work lately, but wanted to quickly toss out my thoughts on a beer I picked up on a whim this past weekend.

Of the southern Mass Mayflower Brewing offerings, I have raved about their Spring seasonal “Spring Hop”, left less than impressed (Summer Rye), and in general enjoyed their Porter and IPA. I think I had their Pale Ale only in a paper cup sample  at a packie over a year ago. At the time I responded more to the IPA sample, bought a six of that, and basically forgot the Pale.

This weekend I was looking for something new (to me) to offset the offerings I had in the house as we had some friends coming over. All I had was High Life and homebrewed Saison. Hit Merrimac Liquors for some red wine for my wife and grabbed a six of the Mayflower Pale and a bomber of Notch Brewing’s Czech amber lager, Polotmavý (review to come).

I enjoy Mayflower’s IPA mostly because it offers a bit more of an English IPA style compared to the American IPA which is just everywhere these days. Their Pale Ale is very much in that same vein. It’s not overpowered by hops like the America Pale style tends to be. Much more balanced, a bit more toasty and malty than an APA like Sierra Nevada’s Pale. A combination of American and English hops, Nugget and East Kent Goldings, separates it from heavily citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavors of Centennial and Cascade driven APAs. 4.9%, 40 IBUs, it’s sessionable, but it still has a lot of flavor and mouthfeel. and while it’s flavor and aroma is not dominated by the hops, there’s still a good amount bitterness and flavor, again, just more balanced.

The tendency with America Pales is to hop heavy late in the boil, where you get hop flavor and aroma, and less early in the boil which is where hops provide the bitterness. While there’s still late hopping evident, they didn’t skimp on the bittering hops, given a nice, noticeable bitterness.

A very good brew, and a nice change from the abundance of American Pales and IPAs flooding the market.


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