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Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project’s “Meadowlark IPA”

Pretty Things Meadowlark IPA. I’ve been very impressed with the few beers I’ve had from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. I was  curious about the Meadowlark as it’s an American IPA, and Pretty Things tends to focus on Belgian and English brews. Their Field Mouse Farmhouse Ale was an inspiration on my Saison, as it also uses a good amount of rye malt. The Meadowlark poured the amber color I associate with many American IPAs that are heavy with crystal malt. However, the flavor doesn’t come across as too heavy in the caramel/crystal. Then I saw their site’s description, and that they use roasted barley. A small amount of roasted barley can add a lot of color, so I’m guessing that while crystal malt is in the recipe, it’s not the cause of the amber tone, and thus is thankfully not a huge amount of the bill. It’s a 7%, 60 IBU AIPA, using Galaxy, Bravo and Citra hops. I’ve had many a beer that uses Citra, a fairly popular, newer variety. But the Bravo and Galaxy hops I’m less familiar with. The nose was fairly hoppy, but not the typical aroma of Centennial, Cascade or Columbus that one often finds in American IPAs. The Galaxy hops are from Australia, and described as fruity and aromatic. I’m guessing these are what provided that different hop aroma and flavor. this beer was delicious. So much so that I went back and bought a second bomber on Sunday (which is now also gone). According to the site this is only going to be around this summer, but COULD become year round in the future, all depending on the availability of these specific hops.


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