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Belgian Saison update #2

16 days fermenting, 5 of which are in the secondary carboy, and it’s 1.010. When I transferred it, it was 1.011 (I said 1.010 in the first update, but forgot to account for the temp, 74°, and specific gravity is intended to be at 60°). I would say I will be bottling this weekend. Ferment seems done. So that will be 19-20 days fermenting total. If the FG stays at 1.010, that gives me a 6.7% ABV.

The aroma of the sample is still giving me some of hefe wiffs… a little banana. The sample, again at 74° tasted a bit hot… but I’m wondering if what I’m getting is alcohol heat. Will be interesting when it’s had time to carb up in the bottle and chilled to serving temps. Still a little uneasy on this one, just because it’s not a style I’m that familiar with drinking, never mind brewing.

Next brew is going to be a tweaked version of the Rye IPA I brewed in the early spring. A bit more comfortable with hoppy ales!


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