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Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project’s “Meadowlark IPA”

Pretty Things Meadowlark IPA. I’ve been very impressed with the few beers I’ve had from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. I was  curious about the Meadowlark as it’s an American IPA, and Pretty Things tends to focus on Belgian and English brews. Their Field Mouse Farmhouse Ale was an inspiration on my Saison, as […]

Catching up: bottled the Saison

Life’s been unpredictable lately, so I’ve been slacking with the posts. Let’s get caught up. Finally bottled the Belgian Saison on Saturday. Pretty uneventful. Used 5 oz of cane sugar aiming for 2.75 CO2 volumes level of carbonation. Typically for my ales I aim for 2.25-2.5 volumes. I would have tried for even higher, but […]

Gimme a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’

I just realized that I haven’t reviewed a single Lagunitas brew yet. I may have started to take them for granted lately, with the emergence of so many small craft breweries. Thankfully, when looking for something new the other day (when I picked up the Boulevard Brewery Tank 7 Farmhouse) I picked up something trusted […]

Boulevard Brewing “Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale”

On the way home from work last night I swung into our small town’s relatively new package store, Merrimac Liquors, to see if I could find something new to try. A husband and wife team took over a terrible excuse of a liquor store that was typically full of overpriced Bud/Miller/Coors and dust-covered bottles of […]

Belgian Saison update #2

16 days fermenting, 5 of which are in the secondary carboy, and it’s 1.010. When I transferred it, it was 1.011 (I said 1.010 in the first update, but forgot to account for the temp, 74°, and specific gravity is intended to be at 60°). I would say I will be bottling this weekend. Ferment […]

Why tweak? Rye IPA attempt #2

I am getting ready to rebrew the Rye IPA that I was very happy with when I initially brewed it earlier this year. It got me a 2nd place finish in an area competition in the “Specialty” category. I came up with the recipe when attempting to “clone” Founder’s “Red’s RyePA” which was a beer […]

Baxter Brewing Pamola Xtra Pale Ale

On #IPADay I made a point to have a non-IPA to try. Nothing drastically different, though, in that it’s still an American ale, with American-grown hops and barley. Baxter Brewing’s Pamola Xtra Pale Ale. I’ve had their Stowaway IPA, and just last week, grabbed their summer seasonal, Celsius. Both fantastic brews. So they had already […]

West Coast via Pennsylvania: Tröegs Perpetual Imperial IPA

It’s “National IPA Day”… contrived and asinine in my opinion. IPA is the most popular craft beer style on the market, for years running. It get more than enough recognition, and it does not need a holiday. But, in defense of the style, I liken it to the garage band that makes it big commercially: […]