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It’s still BEER guys…

I do get the intent behind video #1… but at the same time, when did brewers turn into such self-important pricks?

I am a craft brewer

Soon followed …

I am a craft beer drinker

I get the meaning, and I agree with the points made, but didn’t anyone look at that Stone Brewing video before releasing it and say, “hey, we’re coming off like douchebags, aren’t we?” I guess not.


This response video is more like it…

Craft Brewer Parody

So yes, big commercial behemoths Bud and Miller/Coors put out cheaply made, marketing driven PRODUCT. They are the McDonalds of the beer world. Dominating the marketplace by all means possible, with little concern to ethics or the actual quality of their product. But dammit, to be a craft brewer or craft beer fan doesn’t require being that freaking self important, does it??

Stone’s Greg Koch either is (1) as much of an elitist prick as he comes across, or (2) simply selling that impression to a willing group of consumers who want to feel like they are part of this magical, ground-breaking change in beer that’s been brewed by amazing daredevils of the industry. Not sure which is worse. Being that much of an ass, or simply pretending to be as a marketing ploy.

But, as is the American way, quality may sell a little, but marketing sells a lot.

I still by Stone’s IPA as they’ve managed to do a decent job preserving the quality shipping it across the country. And despite Koch, I still find their head brewer, Mitch Steele, a NH guy originally, to be down to earth and a genuinely nice guy (strictly from interviews and podcasts).

Fight the good fight, craft brewers, just try to remember, it’s beer, not a civil rights movement.


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