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Beer snobbery

Beer me, tarbender!

My tastes in beer were never that extensive. I suppose compared to someone who only thinks of BMC product as beer, then yes, I was daring.

you bet your fizzy light lager I'm a beer snobAh, let me quickly explain that acronym… and yes, there will often be acronyms used here, if for nothing else than to let me type fewer words. “BMC” = Bud Miller Coors. An easy reference to the big boys of the US beer market. Those that rely completely on marketing to convince people that their American light lager, with all it’s cheap ingredients actually constitutes beer. (I believe I’ve fallen into my first blogging tangent)

BMC is the acronym used to reference the bullies of commercial beer. They basically created their own BJCP style category (American Light Lager) because it was too crappy to fit in any other proper description. These beers are produced using plenty of adjuncts such as corn or rice to provide fermentable sugars (needed for the brewers yeast to create alcohol) as opposed to all malt brewing, in which the sugars are produced entirely from the sugars pulled from malted grain in the mash-tun.

For a really interesting view of the beer world from breweries NOT in the BMC realm, I strongly suggest watching Beer Wars. It can easily been seen as craft brewers whining, but I do believe it sheds light on the mafia-like approach by the big boys to crush competition. The way distribution is allowed to work in the US gives BMC serious strong-arm methods with which they can push the small breweries around. And I can’t even begin to get into the role government politicians provide as BMC buys their votes. See the movie and you’ll really appreciate what Stone Brewing has accomplished by basically starting their own distribution company, self distributing their product, as well as that of many other smaller craft breweries.

And with all that negativity, I can also say that I’m not above grabbing a 30-pack of the champagne of beers for $15 at the local Market Basket (NH allows beer to be sold in supermarkets, but not MA, and has no deposit) in the heat of the summer. I’m not looking to throw down a big hoppy 7% ABV IPA after working up a sweat in the yard, so an ice cold High Life has it’s place. But I am happy to support the smaller, and local if possibly, brewers as much as possible.

Ok, sooooo… tangent 1 seems to have evolved into my first blog entry.



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