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Cape Ann Brewing “Fisherman’s Ale”

Got some real summer heat yesterday, and when’s it that hot, I’m not thinking about big hoppy or complex brews. So while grabbing dinner before some mini-golf with our younger daughter, I opted for Cape Ann Brewing Company’s K├Âlsch, Fisherman’s Ale, which was on tap.

is local “better”? (ie, the reason many great beers don’t travel far)

There’s a reason many of the critically acclaimed west coast beers can’t be found on the east coast. Quality control. While I am constantly hearing about Russian River Brewing Co and their world-beating Pliny the Elder double IPA as well as their Blind Pig IPA, and equally regarded line of Belgian and barrel-aged beers, I […]


My hop rhizomes appear to be ready to get into the ground. Hop rhizomes are basically clippings taken from established hop plants that can be planted to start new plants. The vines can grow up to 20 feet or more. Eventually hop flowers or cones will sprout. But early Fall they can be picked, dried, […]

Beer snobbery

Beer me, tarbender! My tastes in beer were never that extensive. I suppose compared to someone who only thinks of BMC product as beer, then yes, I was daring. Ah, let me quickly explain that acronym… and yes, there will often be acronyms used here, if for nothing else than to let me type fewer […]